Spa Packages

Take some time to experience all that Intentions Spa has to offer. 

Unfortunately at this time spa packages can't be booked online. Please call 719.395.5866 to book! 

Hour of Relaxation

(60 min) 

$80 Tues-Fri     $105 Sat

Includes 30 min Intentions Massage, Quick Fix Facial and Foot Treatment.

Intentions Package 

(120 min) 

$150 Tues-Fri     $175 Sat

Includes an 60 min Intentions Massage, Signature Facial w/ Eye and Lip Treatment or Men's Antioxidant Beer Facial.  

Day at the Spa 

(3 Hr) 

$200 Tues-Fri     $225 Sat

Includes 90 min Intentions Massage,  90 Min Intentions Spa Facial w/ Eye and Lip Treatment. 

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